Natural Rubber Chew Toy Dental Benefits

Natural Rubber Chew Toy Dental Benefits


Natural Rubber Chew Toy Dental Benefits

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Natural Rubber Durable Crocodile Shaped Dog Toys Pet Molar Cleaning Teeth Interactive Dog Accessories

Product name: crocodile sound molar rod
Product material: natural rubber, non toxic 
Applicable dogs: about 15-50 kg dogs like husky, golden retriever and other large and medium dogs

Product size: length 160mm width 66mm height 68mm
Product packaging: Blister box packaging + distribution cleaning brush
1. Alligator tooth slot design, can put toothpaste or dog food, let dogs clean their teeth while eating, to maintain oral health!
2. Thickened side anti-skid design, wear-resistant and bite-resistant, so that dogs can concentrate on playing cool!
3. Bottom sound device, you can make a sound with a pinch to attract the attention of dogs and interact with dogs to achieve the training effect!
4. Excellent quality rubber, non-toxic and harmless, drop resistance and bite resistance. Milk-flavored molar sticks, dogs love to play
5. Protect your dog's oral health, clean teeth and reduce dirt while keeping their mind active and involved
6. You can put toothpaste or treats as well
7. Easy to clean
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  • Natural Rubber & Safe And Durable - Our dog toys are made of ‘100% Natural Rubber, Which Is Hard, Flexible, And Non-Toxic’. At the same time, the smell of toys will attract the attention of dogs and make them chew, which can effectively clean teeth and maintain oral hygiene


  • Meeting the instinct needs of dogs - the dog chew toy helps meet the instinct needs of dogs and releases their extra energy by chewing. This toy helps them develop healthy chewing habits that can ‘clean their teeth, relieve anxiety, train, and also can reduce pet boredom, barking problems’. This way your dog can maintain physical and mental health and play with you happily


  • Nearly Indestructible - Our chewing toy has passed countless times tested with German Shepherd, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Siberian Husky, Rab Rado, Golden Retriever, and many other powered chewers, except for very aggressive dogs


  • Innovative Shape Design - Five-pointed star shape. It is designed using basic mechanics and engineering principles. So these irregularities make the product more durable and can be coated with peanut butter to increase dog's fun


  • Cleaning teeth, oral care - dog toothbrush stick toys are made of food-grade natural rubber, with starfish bionic tooth shape, add toothpaste or favorite food, massage gums, clean teeth, freshen breath, and effectively remove oral odor . Let you communicate with your dog for a long time

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