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Double Pet Bowl Slow Feeder- Better Digestion

Double Pet Bowl Slow Feeder- Better Digestion

Happy Smart Pet

Double Pet Bowl Slow Feeder- Better Digestion

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  • Slow Feeder and Water Bowl in One Bowl: The unique and clever slow feeder bowl promises to slow down eating by ten times. By slowing down and better chewing foods significantly improve their digestion and prolonging pet meal time, helping prevent obesity, bloat, improper digestion leasing to diarreha etc.


  • Improve Digestion: Unhealthy swallowing can cause indigestion, our slow feeder bowl provides healthy slow feeding and prevents overeating, your dog or cat would feel full on a smaller amount of food, the slow feeder bowls are mentally stimulating for your dogs or cats as well


  • Excellent Slow Feeder Bowl for Small Dogs & Cats: The slow feeder bowl is made out of food-grade material PP resin, non-toxic and durable enough; the stainless steel bowl is removable and it measures: 13cm/5.2 inches, really suitable for puppy, small breed dogs and cats


  • Help with Dog Vomiting: Honestly, This is one of the core benefits of a slow feeding dog bowl, also it is shown they will eat less and feel full for longer over the long term. Additionally, a slower feeding approach can cut down on the mess caused by rapid eating


  • Non-Skid Bottom Design: The slow feeder bowl with anti-skid bottom design to avoid the bowl moving around easily, there are four non-slip mats in the package that can be glued to the bottom of the bowl to prevent the bowl from slipping. Let us know if you have any questions or need any help, your satisfaction is always our priority



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