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Dog Wooden Puzzles

Dog Wooden Puzzles

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Dog Wooden Puzzles

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Dog Wooden Puzzles For Adults DIY Puzzle Each Piece Is Dog Shaped Puzzles 

1、High Quality Material: This puzzle is made of high-quality basswood material and featured by eco-friendly printing. The puzzle is smooth, colorful, non-toxic, corrosion resistant, and it can be stored for a long time

2、Crafted Puzzle: Basswood is not easy to break. This puzzle is smooth, colorful and water-resistant. The pieces of the puzzle is more perfectly fit and thicker than pieces made of paper. Raise it carefully

3、Educational Puzzle Game: Puzzle can exercise people's patience, concentration, concentration, perseverance, observation and intelligence. When you finish your puzzle, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. You will find the picture of the finished puzzle is very beautiful. This is an ideal gift for training young people's hand-eye coordination, good exercise ability and problem-solving ability

4、Good for Home Decoration: This puzzle features the finely Pre-cut parts. After your wooden puzzle is completed, you can hang it in the living room as an elegant decoration

5、Ideal Gift: Each puzzle piece is a small pattern, making the puzzle the best gift for family and friends that will last long.


Material: laser cut wood

S: 18*19.6cm/7.09*7.72in (0.2kg) 

M: 26*28.3cm/10.24*11.14in (0.35KG) 

L: 38*41.4cm/14.96*16.30in (0.5KG)

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