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Dog Brain Game Puzzle Toys for all Ages

Dog  Brain Game Puzzle Toys for all Ages


Dog Brain Game Puzzle Toys for all Ages

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Dog Puzzle Toys Increase Interactive Slow Dispensing Feeding

Pet Dog Training Games Feeder For Small Medium Dog Puppy

  • Very durable and chewing resistant - choose circle, paw or star shape
  • Made with small sections to hold food and treats separately that can help prevent your dog from eating too fast and / or too much!
  • Adds more fun and challenge when feeding your dog
  • Easy to clean - reuse it for a long time
  • Helps improve your dog's intelligence and patience


  • Name: Pet Puzzle Feeder Toy
    Material: Plastic
    Color: Blue
    Size: 24cm

    - Made of safe and non-toxic quality material, it's wear-resistant, resistant to bite, not easy to age
    - The pet puzzle feeder toy is easy to clean and durable
    - It can slow down feeding to prevent overeating and help to digest, training your pet with order and posture
    - Screw reinforcement at the bottom to prevent the food box from falling off
    - Add non-slip mat around the bottom to prevent food box from moving when eating or playing


Customer Picture

Smart Toy Smart Dog Puzzle Toy, Suitable for Beginners, Puppy 

Colour: white
Material: Plastic
Size: 22x22x8.5cm
Package Contents:
1*Dog toy
Only the above package content, other products are not included.

This interactive dog toy is designed to use bright colors in your dog's field of vision
The bright blue, yellow and white on these doggy toys will definitely attract your puppy/medium-sized dog's attention and motivate them to find dog treats, and they will definitely get a wild day. ic ball toy for dogs

[Slow Feeder] This dog puzzle toy is a good way to slow down the meal time to improve digestion and prevent flatulence. It is also a fun and entertaining dog toy

[Durable, safe and easy to clean] It can be easily hand-washed in cold water with soap, rinsed thoroughly, and then dried naturally. This dog snack ball is resistant to tearing and aging, and is very strong enough to withstand the regular energy of dogs. Eco-friendly inventory food dispenser, interactive slow-feeding dog bowl pet feeder

[Spiritual interaction] Puppy toys can not only bring fun, but also enhance the dog's cognitive ability. Make your dog mentally attracted with this interactive dog toy. This dog puzzle toy helps prevent bore and related negative behaviors, and is suitable for training or alone use

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