Molar Stick Bite-Resistant Toy

Molar Stick Bite-Resistant Toy


Molar Stick Bite-Resistant Toy

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New TPR+Nylon Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy Molar Stick Bite-resistant Dog Toothbrush Dog Toy with Rope


1. Good material: using TPR material, durable and not damaged

2. Health: The toy does not contain toxic and harmful substances and substances, which is safe and healthy for pets

3. To protect teeth: A softener used to protect the gums of dogs. It can clean the mouth of dogs in a 360-degree depth, without damaging the health of dogs, and help them clean their teeth and protect them from oral diseases

4. Practical: the dog can play the cleaning purpose by itself, which greatly saves the owner's time, so that it can do more things, and at the same time, the toy allows the dog to do some sports that are beneficial to the health of the body and can relieve the unpleasant mood and release stress note:


Material: TPR + nylon Size: about 15 * 5cm

Gross weight: about 160g

Packing list:

1 * Dog Molar Toothbrush


Product name: dog toothbrush

Product color: blue, green, yellow

Product weight: about 100 grams

Product material: TPR

Product specifications: 150*50*42MM

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