Happy Smart Pet

Interactive Pull Rope Toy OUTDOOR

Interactive Pull Rope Toy OUTDOOR

Happy Smart Pet

Interactive Pull Rope Toy OUTDOOR

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Product Description:

Material: ABS+TPR+Polyester cone: 25.9cm/10.2"*12cm/4.72"*3.2cm/1.26" Molar ball: 8cm/3.15"*8cm/3.15"*6.8cm/2.68"

Product features 1. Green and healthy TPR The soft molar ball does not hurt the dog’s gums and makes the dog healthier

2. The design of high elastic drawstring + molar ball makes the dog use more energy, exercise the dog’s body and relieve the dog’s worries

3.The product is an automatic dog walking artifact, with a tiger-bite-resistant pull rope design, which can resist the tearing of strong family dogs, working dogs and other fierce dog breeds

4. How to use the elastic pull rope ball: first fold the high elastic pull rope in half, then insert the U-shaped fold to facilitate quick fixation from the hole on the top of the pile, and hang the U-shaped fold into the reserved slot

5. Can be used to tie your dog outdoor 

Pull up and tighten at the same time​

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