Happy Smart Pet

Dog Brain Game Puzzle Toys for all Ages

Dog Brain Game Puzzle Toys for all Ages

Happy Smart Pet

Dog Brain Game Puzzle Toys for all Ages

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Dog Puzzle Toys Increase Interactive Slow Dispensing Feeding

Brain Exercise Game for mental stumulation exercise and IQ increase 

Pet Dog Training Games Feeder For Small Medium Dog Puppy

  • Very durable and chewing resistant - choose circle, paw or star shape
  • Made with small sections to hold food and treats separately that can help prevent your dog from eating too fast and / or too much!
  • Adds more fun and challenge when feeding your dog
  • Easy to clean - reuse it for a long time
  • Helps improve your dog's intelligence and patience
  • Eco Friendly Material- Non Toxic


  • Name: Pet Puzzle Feeder Toy
    Material: Plastic
    Color: Blue
    Size: 24cm

    - Made of safe and non-toxic quality material, it's wear-resistant, resistant to bite, not easy to age
    - The pet puzzle feeder toy is easy to clean and durable
    - It can slow down feeding to prevent overeating and help to digest, training your pet with order and posture
    - Screw reinforcement at the bottom to prevent the food box from falling off
    - Add non-slip mat around the bottom to prevent food box from moving when eating or playing

  • A NEW WAY TO LEARN & PLAY: These Dog Toys are one of the newest, and most versatile dog games. This Dog  game presents your pup with a new challenge every time they play!
  • FLIP, FIND & SLIDE: Complete with 3 totally different treat feeding features, the Nina Ottosson Dog Brick is made with easy, open-close flip compartments to hide treats in, and comes with separate, removable bone puzzle pieces that offer an even more interesting
  • PUZZLE FUN: It is a great way to engage and entertain your dog. This treat training dog puzzle occupies anxious dogs and entertains them when they have become bored
  • Puppy level to LEVEL 2 CHALLENGE:  This dog game presents your pup with a new challenge every time they play
  • EASY TO CLEAN: To wash your dog’s toy, simply remove all treats/kibble and hand wash with warm soapy water, rinse clean and dry. Fill again for more fun!


  • A SMART CHOICE: When it comes to training and teaching dogs, dog games and puzzles are a great way to engage and entertain your pup while they learn new skills, exercise their brain, helps in mental stimulation and keep them mentally active, sharp and away from boredom
  • [ Difficulty-Level Adjustable ] - Are you worried about whether this enrichment toy for dogs is too difficult or too easy for your pet? By taking off some slider parts, you can make this dog puzzles simpler; instead, by installing all the slider parts, it will increase this dog puzzle's difficulty level to the hardest for smart dogs. Slowly increase the difficulty level, and find the right level to excite your pet

  • [ Slow Feeder ] - More than 50% of pets have obesity which directly increases the risks of heart disease and other health issues, and overeating became the first cause of obesity for pets. This situation can be relieved once your pet use this food puzzles for dogs, it can significantly extend the length of feeding time by 6-9 times

  • [Upgraded Editioned ] - Compared to other products on the market, our upgraded new edition dog brain-stimulating toys have more food storage holes, and the bright colours can instantly grab pets' attention, generating more joy for your pets

  • [ Brain Stimulating ] - This puzzle toy for dogs can keep them busy, and can improve Dogs' IQ. Our puppy puzzle toys provide a fun way for dogs treating, and this interactive game can enhance the bond between your pets, bring more positive energy for pets

  • [ Durable & Safe & Easy to Clean ] - This dog puzzle toy for large dogs is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly and BPA-free PVC materials, which is durable and easy to clean. After using it, oil stains can be easily washed with soap in cold water, rinse thoroughly and then let it dry naturally. Besides, this dog mental stimulation toys' material is strong enough during daily use, let your dog release the energy freely.



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