Sun and Wind UV Protection Goggles

Sun and Wind UV Protection Goggles


Sun and Wind UV Protection Goggles

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Foldable Small Medium Large Dog UV Protection Sunglasses Dog Cat Accessories 

Product Information:

Specifications: One size, suitable for dogs with over 6 kg. Ultra-small pets like cup size dogs or kittens are not suitable for this glass

Your dogs and cats eyes are sensitive to sunshine /UV rays and winds just like us

Protect their eyes when travelling in car from winds, sun rays, dirt and so many

Size: The lens is stretched to a maximum of about 17cm. The widest part is about 5cm, the strapping width is about 2cm, the chin strap is stacked up to a maximum length of about 19cm, and the minimum is about 9.5cm. Adjust to a maximum length of about 17 cm, adjusted to a minimum of about 8.2 cm

The venting design allows the glasses to ventilate from the outside to prevent fogging of the lens.

The design of the adjustment frame is suitable for any canine bone structure, can be adjusted, and is convenient to carry.

The inside of the glasses is provided with a foam pad holder to improve the wearing comfort of the dog.

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