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Pet Magic Roller Wicked Ball

Pet Magic Roller Wicked Ball

Happy Smart Pet

Pet Magic Roller Wicked Ball

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New 2nd Generation Waterproof Pet Magic Roller Wicked Ball Auto Sleep Anti-bite USB Electric LED Rolling Flash Ball

Bullet Points:
1.Environment Friendly Material: Shell is made of silicone and tough ABS, which is environment friendly, safe and reliable. The material used in the inner layer is ABS and the hardness is relatively high, more suitable for pets. Its outer casing is very strong

2. Waterproof Design: It can be put directly into the water to play, and it runs smoothly and safely. It can be put into the water to play with the pet and bathe it

3. USB Charging: Rechargeable and charging takes about 1 hour, and the game can last up to 5 hours. Compatible with the universal smart phone 5V charger for charging. There is a charging indicator light when charging. When fully charged, the light turns blue

4. 360-degree Scrolling: Built-in collision sensor, can automatically jump out when encountering any obstacles, and can also roll freely on the carpet that pets prefer. With colorful lights, it is more attractive to animals and attention. The chase of pets is happy

5. Anti-bite And Automatic Sleep: The ball will automatically sleep after 30 minutes of activity, automatically wake up after 15 minutes, you can also touch to wake up

1. The color of the pet jumping ball is divided into blue, rose red, black and so on
2. The jumping ball uses environment friendly silicone and ABS as the main outer case
3. The product has a hidden switch of white light and camouflage light (after opening the shell), built-in scroll switch

1. Appearance adopts environment friendly silicone for a variety of color choices
2. The product is waterproof, so you can play in the water and play on the ground
3. Bouncing ball will automatically change direction, do not need any help
5. Use the jumping ball to make your pet have fun every day. You can use the jumping ball to train the pet to play with the pet
6. The jumping ball can also roll freely on the carpet, so pets may prefer

Working environment
Working temperature: 32 °F ~ 104 °F (0 °C ~ 40 °C)
Relative temperature: 10%-90%. (non-condensing)

Power supply
Power input: DC 5V
Current input: 350 mAh
Charging interface: universal USB interface
Rated voltage: DC 3.4 V - 4.2 V
Battery: Lithium battery, rated power: 3.7 V 300 mAh
Battery working time: 5 hours (continuous work with no downtime)

Packing List:
Pet Ball*1
Charging Cable*1



1. Smart remote control cat toy: The upgraded cat toy has a remote control, which can control the beating mode of the ball and the LED light mode. You can easily let go of your hand to interact and chase the kitten from a long distance. It also helps to eliminate The cat's boredom at home

2. Regain interest: We have added a beating function to the product. Beating is an irresistible attraction for cats and dogs. The pet ball can move irregularly or bounce up and down, just like a cat companion

3. 5pcs LED adjustable lights: Our products can switch between red, blue, green by remote control, and multi-color flashing can attract your kitten at any time and stimulate the hunting nature of cats and dogs

4. The ball can automatically sleep and wake up: after playing for 30 minutes, it will automatically sleep for 10 minutes and then start to spin, or it can be in the sleep state, pets or people touch to wake up the ball

5. Increased size: 9cm in diameter. The medium size makes it easier for cats and dogs to catch toys. Dogs have sharper teeth. This size is not easy for dogs to bite or even break the ball

Specification: Size: about 9cm/3.54inch in diameter Material: environmentally friendly ABS material + TPU Voltage: 3.7V Power: 3.4-4.2W Charging time: 1.5H Use time: 5-6H (continuous work) Charging method: USB Innovative features:

1. Wireless remote control: ①Remote control rolling and beating mode can be set, ②LED light of remote control ball

③Power switch, it is equipped with start remote control button (green) and lock button, that is, disconnect remote control (red)

2. 3 reaction modes: ①can roll; ②bounce ball; ③can automatically sleep, it can actively play with pets, gentle interaction, normal and active, automatic game

3. 5pcs LED adjustable lights: red, blue, green, multi-color switching, multi-color flashing)

4. Charging: Charging for about 1.5 hours, you can continue to play for 5-6 hours; when charging, the LED indicator is red, and when fully charged, the LED indicator is green

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