Happy Smart Pet

Machine Washable Dog Pee Pad - Training Pad

Machine Washable Dog Pee Pad - Training Pad

Happy Smart Pet

Machine Washable Dog Pee Pad - Training Pad

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Material: BK cloth ultrasonic cotton + non-slip cloth material
Small: 60x45cm / 23.6 * 17.7"
Medium: 67x50cm / 26.3 * 19.6''
Large size: 100x67cm / 39.3 * 26.3''

1.Training pet urine pad, 4 thick absorption layers, waterproof TPU pad, reusable pad, can train pets to pee in place

2.Made of BK cloth ultrasonic cotton + non-slip cloth material, it is easy to absorb water, breathe, protect and keep the floor, furniture, bedding and car seats clean and dry, free from pet fur and dirt

3.Wide range of uses: It is very suitable for breaking into puppies, protecting crates and transportation vehicles, whelps, incontinence, sick dogs/diabetic dogs during transportation. It can be placed under food and water bowls, linings of crates, transportation vehicles, playpens, small boxes, doghouses, pens, trash cans, traveling by car

4.Reusable: machine washable at 30 degrees water temperature, compared with disposable pet changing pads, economical and environmentally friendly options save money and save money. The reusable changing pad can accompany your dog from childhood to adulthood

5.Easy to clean: The dog suction pad is made of fabric material, and the dog suction pad is machine washable

Package Including:
1 *Puppy training pad



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