Happy Smart Pet

100 Mulberry Silk Headwrap

100 Mulberry Silk Headwrap

Happy Smart Pet

100 Mulberry Silk Headwrap

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100 Mulberry Silk Headwrap

Improve the comfort and quality of your life

For your hair, it's a great complement to your beauty and healthy routine

For your comfort, our silk bonnet will turn every night of sleep into a luxurious and relaxing experience.

For your better sleep, Silk balances your senses, calms your nervous system,and stimulates many sensory points of your skin

Mulberry silk is 100% natural, that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction

Mulberry silk is made of silkworms, is also the most expensive type of silk



How do I care for my pure silk bonnet?

The better you care for your silk ,the better it will care for you

1. Hand wash with cool water or 30℃(86℉).

2. ONLY with Ph neutral liquid detergent.

3. Line dry in the shade.

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