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About us

Happy Smart Pet is a Canadian Federal Registered Company based in Toronto under the parent company "WebService Pro Ltd". We are not a brick and mortar store; we are 24*7 online store that believes in delivering products right to your doorstep.

We itself are dog paw-parents and we keep products in our site after a lot of research from the various experiences of other paw parents, trainers, groomers and vet across the globe. 

Dog & Cat Products

We provide the best quality products which are ethically outsourced from around the world just for your pet. We keep products which are effective for dog and cat's well built, hygiene, health, mental stimulation, behavior, training etc. 

We have warehouses and suppliers in Canada, the USA, Turkey, France, China and Thailand. We ethically outsource our products and ship them right to your doorstep.


Bend the Trend - Made in Canada Apparel

Only Made in Canada Apparel- Tees, Hoodies etc. are Made in Canada and shipped from Toronto, Canada

We have a store in Etsy (Bend The Trend) where we sell custom apparel in Canada and the USA.


Giving Back to the Society

It breaks our heart every time we see pets at shelter homes waiting for a forever home. So we have taken a vow to donate and sponsor to our local animal shelter a certain amount from our revenue generated. When we do good we pledge to donate to Kolkata, India Street Dogs too. I aspire along with your support we can help as many dogs and cats as possible, of course one at a time. Your cooperation is much needed. 

I hope you will enjoy our products as we will keep on improving for the better. 

Thank you for your support to Woman Owned Canadian Small Businesses. 

—Happy Smart Pet Team!

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We donate and sponsor a part of our revenue to our local animal shelter 🐶🐱

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