Happy Smart Pet

Laser Toy for Cat

Laser Toy for Cat

Happy Smart Pet

Laser Toy for Cat

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Product Description:
Material: Hard Aluminum
Size: 15.5cm/6.1"*1.4cm/0.55"
Customer-supplied batteries: two AAA batteries
Wavelength: blue-violet light 405nm;
green light 532nm; red light 650nm
Range: 100-500m (maximum visible distance at night)
Power: 5MW

Product features
1. Made of aviation aluminum alloy, strong and durable
2. 2 AAA batteries, large capacity, long battery life
3. Front switch, press to power on, release to power off Easy to use
4. Imported LD and accessories, increase the service life, more than 10,000 hours;
5. Built-in optical module to improve heat dissipation, circuit board acquisition and protection design


NOTE: Please never point the laser on your pet's eye 

Package Include:
3 Colour x Laser Pointer Pen Toy


Laser Pointer (Random Colour)

Package- 1 Laser Pointer 


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