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Pet Area Odor Removing

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Never use human fragrance spray on your pets neither spray near them, they have very sensitive smelling mechanics in their body that can cause irritation. Always use spray made for pets

Pet Deodorant Spray for Removing Pet Odor Freshen Up Air

*Efficient sterilization,fast and thorough,effective prevention of pet diseases and betterment of pet health

 *Remove pet odor,persistent fragrance rich in natural deodorizing factors

 *Clean life,spray a little every day Natural taste,no irritant taste

 *PET-DEODORANT Effective prevention of pet diseases

Note: This is to remove odour from the pet area (Not to use on pets as deodrant/dry shampoo to get rid of odour from your pet's body)

Never spray directly on to your pet

Only spray on the object in the pet area, wait for some minutes for things to settle down and then let your pet in. Always monitor your pet's reactions.


Product capacity: 30ml/50ml

Product size: 10.5*2.7cm/11.3*3.2cm

Package Included:

1*pet deodorant

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