Anti Flea-Ticks-Mosquitoes Pet Collar- 8 Months Long-term Protection

Anti Flea-Ticks-Mosquitoes Pet Collar- 8 Months Long-term Protection


Anti Flea-Ticks-Mosquitoes Pet Collar- 8 Months Long-term Protection

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New Pet Dog Collar Anti Flea Ticks Mosquitoes for Outdoor Adjustable

Pet Collar Dog Accessories 8 Months Long-term Protection 


 Vet Recommended

Made With Premium Natural Ingredients

Up To 8 Months Of Protection

Helps Prevent Painful & Itchy Skin Caused By Fleas & Ticks

Free Of Harsh Chemicals Like SLS, Parabens, DEA & Gluten

Safe & Effective - Proudly Allergy Free 







For dogs: older than 7 weeks, above 12 lbs weight (5kg)

Function:Kills fleas, repels and kills ticks - If a tick is repelled or killed, it can't attach and transmit the organisms that may cause disease.


Package Included:

1*S:15"(38CM)Pet Dog Collar

1*M:24.5"(62CM)Pet Dog Collar



​When you receive the collar and take it out of the package, The concentration of the collar component is higher, if your pet is younger, it is recommended to put it in a safe place for 1-3 days.

After 1-3 days wear the collar for the pet. Avoid allergic reactions in pets (99% of cats and dogs will not react, but some pets might)



1.Flea and lice collars for large and small dogs or cats over 18 pounds or less than 18 pounds
2.Long effective time Flea and tick dog collars can treat and prevent ticks, fleas, larvae and lice for up to 8 months!
3.This waterproof flea and tick dog collar immediately starts to work within 24 hours after application to repel and kill fleas and eliminate ticks within 48 hours.
4.It contains two active ingredients (Imidacloprid and Flumethrin) that provide a dual effect and provide long-term protection.
5.They work together effectively to maintain sustained release, spreading the ingredients at the direct contact points on other skin surfaces.
6.Flea and tick dog collars are used for dogs and puppies 7 weeks and older.

Collar size: big dog: 1*70cm, puppy, cat: 1*38cm

Iron box size: height 3.8cm*diameter 12cm

1*Sealed Collar(For Large or small Dogs or Cats)

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