Scratch Guard for Cats - Protects Furniture

Scratch Guard for Cats - Protects Furniture


Scratch Guard for Cats - Protects Furniture

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Natural Woven Rope Scratching Pad for Cat Grinding Claws & Protecting Carpet Rug

Furniture, Durable Anti-Slip, Cat Playing Sleeping Scratch Toy also Protects Sofa and Furniture

  • Multi-purpose  --- Cats grind their claws everyday to maintain the state of claws. This scratching can well satisfy the cat's natural scratching instinct and effectively protect their nails. It also helps to protect the sofa, carpet and other furniture from being damaged. This not only can be used as scratching mats, but also large enough to be used as a cat play


  • ☀ 100% Natural  Material --- This cat scratching is made of high-quality natural sisal, a durable pure plant material without any chemical additives. With the advantages of corrosion, acid, alkali, pressure resistance and Anti-static, this mat extremely safe, long lasting and easy to clean by a brush


  • ☀ Anti-slip Backing --- The non-slip epoxy latex on the back can increases friction and provides a good stability for the mat. It helps to maintain the mat’s position, so that your cat would not easily slide and flip during playing and scratching


  • ☀ Durable Structure Design --- High-density cotton edge and woven ropes structure design makes this mat more compact and sturdy. It’s durable and eco-friendly than the ordinary cat scratching cardboard and not easy to deform and be damaged by the sharp claws


  • ☀ Non-toxic Odor, Safer for Cats --- This mat is made of 100% natural sisal without non-toxic chemical odor, more safety for your cat. Don’t be afraid of your cats will hate the sisal odor. Sprinkle some catnip on the mat covering the smell that would help to attract your cat and train them to sharpen their claws on the mat quickly.




SAVE MONEY TWO PRODUCTS IN ONE-Our Package include 4PCS Transparent Furniture Protectors.The best way to protect from your cat's claws to scratching on the bedposts, leather, fabric sofa upholstery, doors, walls, windows, table legs, counters, sofas, wooden steps and countertops.


PERFECT PROTECTOR-This furniture protectors is available in a 100% transparent Vinyl with an extra strong adhesive that blend seamlessly with your furniture to maintain the aesthetics of your living space.


EFFECTIVE FOR PET TRAINING-Once your cat knows that the surface is protected, it will eventually avoid scratching up that area. These furniture guards are made of clear Non Toxic vinyl that is 100% safe for your pets.


EASY TO APPLY-you have to do is Simply (1) Use it as a whole or Cut the sheet to the desired size. (2) Peel off the white Composite paper. (3)Stick the cat training tape on to the area your cat likes to scratch (4)At last peel off the white Composite paper to expose the sticky front-facing tape side.


SATISFACTION GUARANTEED -Please feel free to tell us what we can do for you,we will reply in one business day. - We hope this is a pleasant and satisfying shopping for our customers.



Product size:


XS:  14X30cm (Thick0.1MM)


S:    14X40cm  (Thick0.1MM)


M:   14X50cm  (Thick0.1MM)


L:    20X45cm  (Thick0.1MM)


XL:  30X40cm  (Thick0.1MM)


2XL: 30X45cm (Thick0.1MM)


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