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Tennis Ball Automatic Fetch Launcher -3/6/9Meter

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Pet Dog Toy Automatic Interactive Ball Launcher Tennis Ball Throwing Machine Launching Fetching Balls Dog Training Tool

5cm(smaller than regular size tennis ball) diameter elastic tennis, suit for all age pet bite
Three-stage launch distance control, adapt to different small indoor space to large backyard
Launching and fetching balls is most dog's favorite game
Mini body, not take up space, easy to place, fit in the free corner
Let you play with your love pet, even if you are busy it can help your pets keep healthy and dynamic

Product description:
Can not accompany your love pet play?it is listless daily?Don't worry,now it is coming!
Mini tennis launcher size:21x26x27cm
It contains 3 diameter 5cm ball,a power cord plug,a launcher and a product brochure
This product giving dogs around the world the opportunity to play fetch to their hearts' content. With it your dog will never be bored again. It brings you and your pets a playtime
This can be played indoor and outdoor too. Just fix the distance and show your dog how to put it in the hole and the ball shoots off accordingly. Your dog will be quick enough to catch this teaching and enjoy his time off. Your presence and monitoring not required as such
How to use?
Press the power switch to turn on three seconds later, the power indicator light up. After three seconds of power switch, the main machine is off
After starting up, press a few power switches respectively to select the throw distance of 3 meters /6 meters /9 meters
Can be used with electric cord or battery when outdoor
The ball crossing at the bottom of the host tennis ball has infrared sensor. Scanning every 10 seconds, the host can deliver the ball every 10 seconds

Note: Its design is let the ball launch by the turning of the inside roller,so there are some voice when using, which is as a normal situation


When after setting the distance the dog can itself play by droppling the ball each time in the hole,  you can complete your work without your dog getting bored and having him plenty of play time and exercise

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