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Automatic Pet Dog Outdoor Water Fountain

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Automatic Pet Dog Water Fountain 



Material:ABS rubber Size:25x22x8.7cm /9.8x8.7x3.4in Water inlet diameter:1.5cm/0.6in

Suitable for: Pets to play and drink water, especially during warm and hot days


1.Easy to Use

2.Press water spray design, let pets drink water by themselves

3.non-slip footstep and bottom,safety in use

4.Make sure your pet can easily serve itself to get fresh and clean water at any time, even in your absence.

 Size information:

How to use

1.Plug the water pressure regulator to the garden water fountain

2.Plug your garden hose to the back of the water pressure regulator(garden hose quick connector not included)

3.Adjust the water pressure by turning he screw of the regulator(clockwise turn will will increase the water output,counter clockwise turn will decrease the water output)

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1.Easy to Use

Connect it to a faucet via the hose, press the pedal, the water stream comes out.

2.Press water spray design, let pets drink water by themselves

It not only reduces the trouble of the owner repeatedly adding water, but also reduces the possibility of contamination of drinking water in the basin.

3.Adjuste the water height with the 2 interchangeable water nozzles(included)

4.non-slip bottom,safety in use

Non-slip rubber strip design at the bottom of the fountain, not easy to be pushed

5.non-slip footstep,safety in use

The blue non-slip rubber strip design on the pedal is beautiful, and at the same time, ensure that the dog's paw will not slip.

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