Happy Smart Pet

4-in-1 Retractable Nylon Dog Leash

4-in-1 Retractable Nylon Dog Leash

Happy Smart Pet

4-in-1 Retractable Nylon Dog Leash

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4-in-1 Retractable Nylon Dog Leash With Water Bottle, Bowl, Poop for Walking Running etc.


Best feature is you do not need to carry waterbottle, treat bag, water bowl and poop bag separately, this product makes your life more easy! Its one in a go!

You'll be able to get one of these leashes in a shade of red, black or blue, so you can choose the shade you like best or the one that looks best on your dog

Durable Materials As mentioned, each Leash has a safety catch that's made of solid steel, and the leash itself is made of double-strength nylon. Due to these durable materials, each leash you have may last you for several years or more without breaking.

One may even last you for a dog's entire lifetime, regardless of how rowdily they behave while attached to their leash. Bowl, Dispenser both the water dispenser and the water bowl attached to each leash are made from silicone rubber and plastic, you won't need to worry about your dog being exposed to toxicity while ingesting water from either of these items

Promotes Good Hydration Just as humans should stay well-hydrated while walking outdoors in the summer sun, dogs should too. Unfortunately, there aren't many public sources of water available where people tend to walk their dogs, so sometimes both dogs and humans end up going without

How to Use (Step by Step)

Attach Leash To Dog To start using your Leash, attach its steel safety catch to your dog's collar and hang onto the leash's handle, which is attached to the built-in water dispenser

Even if your dog tugs and pulls on the leash as you start to walk, the safety catch should be strong enough to keep its leash securely attached to its collar

Offer Drink When Needed When necessary, pulls the built-in water bowl off one side of the leash and fill it with water from the built-in dispenser. Place the bowl somewhere on the ground near your dog so that they can have a drink, and when they're done, attach it to your Leash again

Scoop Waste In the event that your dog needs to go to the bathroom, grab a waste bag from the built-in bag dispenser located on one side of your leash, near the handle. Scoop your dog's waste into the bag with your choice of utensil (you'll need to carry that separately) and then hang the bag from your leash's built-in hook

Return Home Once both you and your dog are tired or bored with walking, return home and dispose of the used waste bag you've been carrying in your trash. Detach your dog's Leash from its collar by undoing the steel safety catch, and store the leash somewhere safe until you need to use it again. If you may not be using it for a while, you may want to empty the water dispenser if it still contains water

Package Contains:

1X multi-function dog leash

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