Personalized Pet Pillow

Easily order your custom pet pillow NOW!

1. Just send us photo of your pet
2. Choose the right size between 30CM(12") and 70CM (28")
3. We create handmade and unique pillow for you

Send us any photo, and we'll turn it into a unique customized pillow. It can be a picture of any of your pets or even your  FRIEND or a Family member..YES!. Every photo can be a custom pillow. This unique soft pillow is a perfect and a wow factor gift. 


  • High quality cotton & polyester fabric guarantees softness, luxury and durability
  • a concealed zipper and a hand washable cover
  • 100% Eco-friendly and handmade

How we Create:

Just send us your pet photo (clear sharp one) and the size you prefer, rest we will take care. Every pillow is handmade with care.

50% OFF prices and recommended pillow sizes:

  • $29,90 – 30CM (12") for extra small pets like birds, hamsters and lizards. 
  • $34,90 – 40CM (16") for small pets like cats, small dogs and puppies.
  • $44,90 – 50CM (20") for medium size pets like cats and dogs.
  • $59,90 – 60CM (24") for medium size pets like cats and dogs.
  • $74,90 – 70CM (28") for any large pets and animals

Shipping & Delivery

Since every pillow is customized and handmade it is made to order and should arrive at your doorstep within 21-28 days.