Happy Smart Pet

Teething Chew Toys- Puppies

Teething Chew Toys- Puppies

Happy Smart Pet

Teething Chew Toys- Puppies

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Teething Stage Chew Toys for puppies and growing dogs



1.Vitality Color matching: products are bright that attracts puppies and dogs

2.Soft material: sea cucumber type appearance, using TPR material, elastic good, wear resistant bite, smooth surface smooth does not hurt the teeth, provides relaxation and soothing effect when teething

3.Tooth convex design: toys have many soft convex points do not hurt teeth and can play tooth cleaning teeth effect effectively prevent dog teeth stone oral disease etc.

 4.Clip Food Design: toys have grooves on both sides, can hold food, raise pets interest in toys, while eating while playing while also play tooth cleaning teeth role

5.Easy cleaning: toys are made of TPR material soft texture clean water clean reuse clean hygiene.


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